Rules of the House

The following rules apply to all of our apartments


Please mind:

- good neighborly relations

- to stick to the laws and basic safety rules

- the curfew from 10pm to 6am - please do not make noise or loud parties or play loud music, but of course you are allowed to enter and/or leave the apartment between 10pm and 6am.


Check in is after 4:00pm, check out before 10:00am. If you like to drop your bags before check in or leave them after check out please contact us earlier, whether it is possible.


It is prohibited in the apartment under penalty of 400 PLN to:

- smoke

- introduce and keep of animals

- use of any prohibited substances

- provide of accomodation to additional persons without reservation and payment. Moreover, every person without reservation has to pay the regular price according to current price list.


Each guest, by confirming the booking of the apartment, at the same time commits to unconditionally leave the apartment on the day on which his booking ends. The exception is when guest extended his reservation or has a new reservation of the apartment confirmed by BellaVita.



- we reserve the right to expel without refund of costs/fees any guests who causes complaints of neighbours and/or who does not follow the Rules of the House

- please mind to close all windows and water taps before you leave the apartment or go sleep

- please inform us as soon as possible about all malfunctions in the apartment

- please inform us as soon as possible if you used fire distinguisher and / or first aid kit

- we do not take responsibility for items left in the apartment

- interruptions in the supply of water, electricity, gas or other media are not grounds for complaint and return of rental fees

- in case of fire in the apartment or another damage caused by reckless actions of guests we reserve the right to claim compensation for the losses


Internet: all our apartments have access to internet with no data limit, most of our apartments have double internet router. It consists of a base unit, which is a router with the possibility of connecting of your device via cable and a small USB router that has two functions:

  • a LTE signal receiver for a big router that does not work without the little USB router
  • it is a separate USB device that can be used without the base unit directly on a laptop or desktop computer, also outside of the apartment - on the whole territory of Poland. 

We invite you to try our mobile internet on a walk around Krakow, but please do not forget to install it on the base unit before leaving the apartment. In case of damage or loss of the small router a fee of 400 PLN will be charged.

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